Shia LaBeouf goes full-frontal nude for Sigur Rós video

Don’t call Shia LaBeouf shy in his creative endeavors: His latest project, a music video for the band Sigur Rós, has him baring it all, body and soul.

The “Lawless” actor popped up Monday in the harrowing tale of love and addiction, which sees the star rocking some full-frontal nudity.

The Icelandic band gave control of the video to filmmaker Alma Har’el, who reportedly developed the concept with LaBeouf.

“Originally she was going to film us on Super-8 in Iceland all playing the piano lines from the song, but then she rang and said she’d met Shia LaBeouf and they’d changed the idea,” band bassist Georg Holm told Rolling Stone, which has the NSFW final product.


Alongside actress Denna Thomsen, Shia plays one half of a weathered-looking couple in a violent tango of lovemaking that leads, at one point, to mutilation. “Magic Mike” this ain’t.

Ha’rel told the Wall Street Journal that the video, made on a modest budget of $10,000, explores “addiction to drugs, or sex, or anything -- and how you get stuck in a cycle.”


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