Liam Neeson’s very soggy pink-underpants adventure — for charity

Liam Neeson was a good sport for a national TV audience Monday afternoon, stripping down to snug pink underpants and gamely taking a soaking in the name of breast cancer research.

Entering Ellen DeGeneres’ stage to the strains of “Give It to Me Baby” while clad in a pink bathrobe, the “Taken 2” action star got his flirt on after DeGeneres explained to all that he’d be sitting in a dunk tank to earn $10,000 for the cause, helping kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“If I take this off, does the $10,000 become $20,000?,” he said coyly. “Just asking.”


“I’ll make that happen,” DeGeneres replied. “If you take it off and you go sit in that ...”

Suddenly emboldened, Neeson was flashing some leg and gesturing to the hot pink undershorts revealed under his robe.

“No, don’t take those off,” she said. “Then we get fined.”

Darn it.

It almost wasn’t necessary, as Neeson gave the appearance of being fully nude once he sat and genteelly clasped his hands in his, um, lap.

“You look naked!” squawked Ellen, who then proceeded to help an audience-member volunteer, a breast cancer survivor, hurl balls at the dunk-tank target.

Well, it might have taken them eight throws to hit the target and cue the splash, but the show finally wound up with Neeson soundly drenched.


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