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Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey throw down during ‘Idol’ auditions

Forget catfight — the videotaped throwdown between divas Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey was more like a yappy pink Chihuahua going 100% at a Great Dane.

The two new “American Idol” judges, with fellow newbie Keith Urban trapped at the table between them, reportedly went at it near the end of the day in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday after a disagreement about a contestant’s audition.

Sound on the video, obtained by TMZ, is difficult to understand clearly, but according to the website’s transcript, a pink-haired Minaj rails against Carey over alleged insults, resume-touting and more while the elder diva bemoans her co-judge’s immaturity and the fact that the drama is keeping her from her kids.

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Words that are clear? Much bleeped profanity, and a few “Off with your heads” from Minaj. Also clear: These two ladies were not getting along at all.

According to a TMZ source, Mariah allegedly started the row by calling Nicki a choice name before the recording began — when Nicki was already reportedly frustrated by Mariah talking too much about herself while critiquing contestants.

“It was heated,” “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest said Wednesday on his radio show, via MTV News. “It did go too far.” With only a few contestants left to audition, producers decided to call it a day, rescheduling the bumped people for Wednesday. 

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Seacrest, who said he was outside the room at the time of the blowup, put a positive spin on the situation.

"[Y]ou know when you put Nicki and Mariah and Keith and Randy [Jackson] together that you’re going to have different opinions, which is fantastic.”

Meanwhile, Nick Cannon put a positive spin on his wife’s role in the spat.

“My wife is the strongest and classiest woman that I’ve ever met, if you watch the video, she just maintains her composure .… I don’t think she’s moved by the theatrics and pageantry of it all,” Mr. Mariah told “Access Hollywood.” “She signed up to do a job to help young people … this is like a sidebar. I hope that’s not what this show becomes, about the catfights.”

Dogfight, Nick. Dogfight.

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