Is Amanda Bynes driving down the Lindsay Lohan path?

Amanda Bynes is known for her sweet, family-girl image. That image has taken a beating since April, when Bynes was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in West Hollywood after her black BMW struck a sheriff’s car in West Hollywood.

Now there’s fresh trouble for Bynes, who, like reckless former teen star Lindsay Lohan, has seen her career take a downward dive with adulthood. (Two years ago Bynes, then 24, tweeted that she was retiring from acting and that she didn’t find it fun anymore.)

On Thursday our colleagues at L.A. Now reported that Bynes’ driver’s license has been suspended after two new charges of hit-and-run were filed Tuesday. (Department of Motor Vehicles officials would not state the specific reason for the suspension, and it was unclear when it took effect.) The first alleged hit-and-run reportedly occurred on April 10 and the second on Aug. 4, when Bynes allegedly rear-ended a Toyota on Ventura Boulevard and failed to exchange insurance information.

What’s interesting is that Bynes denies that she drinks at all.


She even recruited her father, Rick Bynes, to the cause after the initial drunk driving charges were filed in April.

“She was not drunk. I was told that she blew a zero on the breathalyzer,” he told People. “‘She didn’t have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn’t drink.”

This also brings to mind the 2011 Lohan incident when the actress, upon failing an alcohol test while under house arrest, said that she had been drinking a fermented health drink called kombucha, which contains a very small amount of alcohol.


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