Lindsay Lohan: A not-guilty plea, but that’s not all


Lindsay Lohan had a not guilty plea entered on her behalf Tuesday morning in a Los Angeles courtroom.

But like all things Lindsay, it wasn’t that simple.

Lohan is, of course, facing three misdemeanor counts of lying to police, reckless driving and obstructing police from performing their duties, stemming from a car-versus-truck collision on Pacific Coast Highway last June. Though she told police she wasn’t driving the Porsche at the time, police say they have evidence to the contrary. It’s those charges that were on the agenda Tuesday in Lohan’s 20th court appearance since folks started counting six years ago.

Because of the charges, Lohan’s probation for that 2011 necklace theft was revoked back in earlyish December. She’s got 245 days in jail hanging over her head simply on the accusation of violating the “obey all laws” term of her probation.


But wait! There’s more! During the very brief hearing Tuesday morning, attorney Shawn Chapman Holley was asked by the judge if she was really representing Lohan. Why? Because Lilo had fired her long-suffering counsel on Monday, TMZ reported, substituting in one Mark Heller, an attorney from New York who’s not yet good to go with the legal bells and whistles he would need to work in a California court.

Only ... Lohan said she didn’t mean to send Holley a letter of termination? Again via TMZ, the actress is reportedly telling friends that Holley is like a second mother to her, and that she really wants her longtime attorney back on board for her legal adventures in California. Oops, shouldn’t have signed that letter of termination then, one would think.

Especially when Holley was, according to TMZ sources, working on a deal that would put Lohan in six months’ lockdown rehab instead of going to jail.

“The representation issue will be nailed down,” Holley told the judge.

Lohan did not appear in court.

A pretrial date in the crash-related case has been set for Jan. 30, with Lohan ordered to appear. At last word, Lohan was also due in court Jan. 15 on the probation revocation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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