Review: Ever-energetic Rita Moreno is the only memorable thing about comedy ‘Remember Me’


Other than the buoyant presence of Oscar winner Rita Moreno, “Remember Me” is a charmless but harmless comedy about two cousins and their aging grandmother. The EGOT-winner improves every scene in which she appears, but her absence makes moments built around other actors that much worse.

Public radio journalist Vincent (writer-director Steve Goldbloom) drops by his grandparents’ home for a short visit, but the unexpected death of his grandfather (Ray Reinhardt) leaves him and his aspiring actor cousin Barry (Joel Kelley Dauten) scrambling. Unsure of what to do with their grandmother Nanna (Moreno), who they know will be crushed by the loss of her husband, they set off on a road trip to drop her off at an assisted living facility without her knowledge, but Nanna turns out to be more of a handful than they expect.

Moreno still exudes the remarkable energy that has been a hallmark of her career. “Remember Me” receives its few laughs when she gets to be delightfully profane, while many of the jokes from Vincent and would-be comedian Barry land with thuds.


As a screenwriter and director, Goldbloom is green but well-intentioned, with later moments redeeming some early ugliness. It’s unclear whether he or his characters didn’t quite think through their choices, but the result is on-screen bumbling that isn’t funny for the audience.


‘Remember Me’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Playing: Laemmle Music Hall, Beverly Hills

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