Review: Keanu’s latest is ‘Exposed’ as a really bad movie

Keanu Reeves fans hoping for another “John Wick” are certain to be disappointed by “Exposed,” an awfully silly — and just plain awful — bilingual supernatural crime thriller that wasn’t screened in advance by distributor Lionsgate Premiere before its Friday opening.

Reeves plays an NYPD detective whose investigation of the murder of his former partner leads him to a troubled young Cuban woman (Ana de Armas, his co-star in last year’s marginally less bad “Knock Knock” ) given to visions of otherworldly spirits.

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Although Gee Malik Linton swapped his director credit for the pseudonym Declan Dale in protest over the studio’s and producer Reeve’s re-editing of his film, it’s hard to imagine how anything salvageable could have been made out of his comically pretentious script with its heavily religious overtones and plotting that grows more ridiculous by the minute.

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Even if the deathly pacing had managed to expend more energy than Reeves’ particularly languid performance and supporting player Mira Sorvino was able justify her take on the wildly unsympathetic role of his partner’s widow, the film, formerly known as “Daughter of God,” would still have been exposed as a stinker, by any other name.



MPAA rating: R, for violence including a sexual assault, and for language

Running time: 1 hour, 42 minutes

Playing: Laemmle Music Hall 3, Beverly Hills; The Plant 16, Van Nuys. Also on VOD.