Q&A: Amy Schumer on her Golden Globe nom: ‘I might not even take my Lexapro today’

Amy Schumer arrives Dec. 3 at the GQ Men of the Year Party at Chateau Marmont.

Amy Schumer arrives Dec. 3 at the GQ Men of the Year Party at Chateau Marmont.

(Jordan Strauss / Invision)

Recent Golden Globe nominee Amy Schumer called in from New York to spill on her nod for best performance by an actress in “Trainwreck.” And the comedy actress already has one thing on her mind -- she’s going for the EGOT.


Hi! I did it! I’m so excited. I woke up at 8:30 and my phone had nothing going on, so I was like, “I didn’t get it.”


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Thank you for not pretending you were asleep.

No, I was awake. I opened my computer and went to And when I realized I hadn’t missed the announcements I was like, “yes!” And America and Dennis Quaid are both my friends, and then Dennis was like, “Amy Schumer, ‘Trainwreck.’” I started tearing up in bed. I look very, very gorgeous right now.

Just like in those Daily Mail paparazzi pictures you’ve been posting?

Let me put on a puffy jacket and no makeup and disappointing glasses and then I think I’ll be ready for them. I can’t even handle it. This means more Daily Mail pictures!

Is your sister with you?


Kim will be asleep for two more hours. I was very alone. In my bed. My first text was from Chris Rock, and he wrote, “Golden Globes, mother...!”

Did you meet with the Hollywood Foreign Press?

I met the Hollywood Foreign Press, and they’re, like, the best. I was like, I could get down with these people. Let’s go and get [drunk] together and have fun! I just hear these awards are so fun, and no one ever says anything is fun. And Jen [Lawrence] and Brie [Larson] will be there!

Oh, yeah -- this will be your first award show with J-Law!

What is this gonna to do our friendship? Our friendship will be on the rocks!

Do you know Ricky Gervais?


I met him once and I really like him. I think he’s probably gonna go after me because I made a joke about him during some award show. I think he’s a really good host.

After such a successful year, does a nomination recognizing your acting feel special?

Oh, totally. This is like, oh my God, you guys. So crazy nice. I’m so proud. I’m freaking out. I might not even take my Lexapro today. Maybe I can have a ... orgasm.

OK, so abstaining from antidepressants -- how else will you celebrate?

I have boxing in 20 minutes, and then I go to work. We’re almost done writing the new season [of “Inside Amy Schumer”]. And [co-writer] Jessi Klein is moving to L.A. soon. If it wasn’t for her, none of this would have happened. She made me make the TV show of my dreams.


What if you get a Golden Globe and an Emmy in the span of a year?

I want a Grammy and a Tony. I want an EGOT. I have, no joke, gotten offers to make an album after people heard I was working with Guy [O’Seary.] Like, “we want her to make an album.” Ew, can you imagine me singing?

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