‘What If’ trailer: Daniel Radcliffe rom-com wears heart on its sleeve


“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe and “Ruby Sparks” writer-actress Zoe Kazan are bringing back the romantic comedy in “What If,” and judging by the newly released trailer (watch it above), the movie hits all the genre benchmarks.

Heartsick protagonist? Check. That would be Wallace (Radcliffe), a disillusioned med-school dropout who mopes at parties and writes “Love is stupid” in magnetic poetry on the refrigerator. Dream girl? That would be Chantry (Kazan), a charming animator he meets at one of said parties.

The hang-up, of course, is that Chantry already has a handsome, big-shot boyfriend (Rafe Spall), so she and Wallace embark on a “When Harry Met Sally”-style friendship that constantly tests the notion of whether men and women can truly have platonic relationships.


This being a rom-com, Wallace also has a quirky best friend, played by Adam Driver (“Girls”), who in the trailer’s opening moments declares, “I just had sex, and I’m about to eat nachos! This is the greatest moment of my life!”

Also seen in the trailer are plenty of longing glances, awkward friend-dates, and innocent protestations of “She has a boyfriend” and “We’re friends.”

At one point, Chantry says to Wallace, “I don’t know if you are actually cynical or just a super-crazy romantic cheese ball” — but the smart money is on the latter.

CBS Films will release “What If” on Aug. 1.