Snack Trax: A ‘Whoomp! (There It Is)’ remix that actually sounds great

Abjo is part of the Los Angeles label/radio show/collective Soulection.
(Sarai Jioli)

Hi, welcome back to Snack Trax. This is an occasional column offering bite-sized descriptions of a few songs you really ought to be listening to.

This edition is inspired by the mini-taco sampler plate at Guisado's, because the flavors are all over the place, kind of like the genres I've been listening to recently.

This time: a Prince cover from Japan, trip-hop from Illinois, atmospheric autotune from Atlanta, and a “Whoomp! (There It Is)” remix from San Diego via Los Angeles.

Sosi - 'Like This'

When the lead track, "This is The Thing," dropped over a year ago, there wasn't a lot of information available about Sosi. That hasn't changed much, but her work has. With the release of this EP a couple weeks back, Sosi is showing an ability to move gracefully from acoustic guitar to dubstep-inflected trap sounds and back again, giving each song an ethereal quality.

Even among the diverse sounds here, “Like This” breaks from the rest of the EP with a jazzy trip-hop sound. Sosi is absolutely one to watch for in the future.

Prince - 'Adore' (Seiho cover)

Since Prince's passing, it seems like everyone has been offering tributes. There have been a few that I've enjoyed, and this one, from Osaka, Japan-based Seiho, topped my list. Still, I wondered if nostalgia or grief was clouding my judgment.

Two weeks later: Nope, still good. Swirling chords, synthesized horns, and a quirky, minimalist rhythm track. It's very different from the original, and that's a great thing. The New Jersey-based EhioRobo provides the vocals, and the Prince sample is from this 1985 interview on MTV.

Digital Nas - 'Brand New (Interlude)'

Digital Nas is probably best known as a producer, lending his strange brand of warbly, synth-driven trap to people such as Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti, but he's also been doing a fair amount of rapping recently. He just released a new EP called "Yikes!" that only features three songs, and this interlude is my favorite.

The track is probably an acquired taste for some, but if you can feel the emotion through the autotune, there's a lot of promise. Fans of Yung Lean collaborator Ecco2K should definitely find something to like here.

Abjo – '#WHOOMP' / 'This One'

And now, to be filed under “things that could have gone terribly wrong,” an AbJo remix of Tag Team's “Whoomp! (There It Is).” AbJo, who is part of the Los Angeles label/radio show/collective Soulection, has a habit of sneaking references to well-known songs into his productions, but when he goes all out and drops an entire vocal track, it's usually next level.

This is actually two songs in one. After a moody synth organ that somehow turns Tag Team's Jock Jam relic into an electric soul anthem, the track transitions into a remix of Amerie's "1 Thing." If that wasn't enough, the song's Soundcloud page contains a link to download an entire project called "See You on the Other Side," which includes a flip of the Nas "The World is Yours" sample.

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