10 notable lyrics from rapper Nas’ new album, ‘Life Is Good’

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New York rapper Nas releases his highly anticipated new album, “Life Is Good,” this week, and the buzz is loud, mostly because the 38-year-old lyricist’s recent guest verses and singles have been some of the most searing of his illustrious career.

The album is full of revealing moments not only about his history rising in the NYC rap scene, but also of personal moments relating to his split from wife Kelis and his observations on raising children. 

Below are a few notable rhymes from the album (with explicit language excised).

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I’m pushing 40
she only 21
Don’t applaud me
I’m exhausted, G.
-- “No Introduction”

A soldier coming home 20 years old and no legs
Saying there’s no sense to cry and complain, just go ahead


So much to write and say, yo, I don’t know where to start
So I’ll begin with the basics and flow from the heart.
-- “Loco Motive”

His style never hollas loud, stays reclusive
Good dude, got that look like he’s always about to do ...
Side-of-his-mouth toothpick, one eyebrow raised
Got into it with a dude who still tried to live out his old wild-out days.
-- “Accident Murderers”

Twenty-to-life, I’m clubbing, blowing 20 tonight
We the Marlboro, Marly Marling all through the night
-- “Accident Murderers” (Rick Ross rhyme)

One day she’s your little princess
Next day she’s talking boy business


What is this?
They say the coolest playas and the foulest heartbreakers in the world
God gets us back, he makes us have little girls
-- “Daughters”

This morning I got a call, nearly split my wig
This social network said, ‘Nas, go and get your kid’
She’s on Twitter, I know she ain’t going to post no pic
Of herself undressed, no inappropriate ... right?
-- “Daughters”

I like to teach and build
for brothers about how easy it is to reach a mill
All you need is some skill, and then it’s grind time
Imagination is better than knowledge, says Einstein.
-- “Reach Out”


You never knew how to make dollars
You couldn’t make orders at a drive-thru McDonald’s.
-- “You Wouldn’t Understand”

Yo I used to listen to the Red Alert and Rap Attack
I fell in love with the poetry, I mastered that
Cuttin’ school with Supreme Team at Phat Cat was at
Future not crystal clear, yet Baccarat.
-- “The Don”

Her beauty is her curse
she ... for shoes and a purse
Make me a movie first, can watch you on my phone
I shop in Barcelona spend some nights in Rome
-- “Stay”

Got any favorites? Chime in below.


PHOTOS: Nas’ life in pictures

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