Video: Prince appears on ‘New Girl,’ debuts new tunes

Those who quickly turned off Fox after Sunday’s Super Bowl missed some TV magic courtesy of Prince.

The Purple One dusted off his acting chops for a guest turn on the Fox sitcom “New Girl,” and it was worth sitting through the last batch of commercials and drab analysis to catch the show in its special post-Super Bowl time slot.

Appearing as himself, Prince -- said to be a “huge” fan of the Zooey Deschanel series -- schooled Jess (Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) on the art of love, and debuted a new tune.

In the episode, Jess and Nick have another one of their quirky relationship fumbles after Jess returns Nick’s first “I love you” proclamation to her with finger guns. It would eventually be sorted out at the Purple One’s house, during a late night party.

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Prince essentially hijacked the episode with countless OMG-moments: He owned Jess in ping pong, gave her relationship counsel over pancakes (fans of “Chappelle’s Show” likely rejoiced here), allowed characters to freak out (or faint) over his presence and demonstrated an almost spiritual connection to a monarch butterfly.

There was also new music, with the legendary musician debuting a surprisingly breezy dance tune, “Don’t You Wanna Fall in Love Tonight?,” with the aide of an understandably gobsmacked Deschanel.

“I think Prince is magic,” Jess concluded, stating the rather obvious.

After his return to the small screen, Prince and his 3rdEyeGirl band released their new single, “Pretzelbodylogic,” to iTunes. Preview the hard-rocking funk number below: