Watch: Coldplay’s Chris Martin is super-sized in ‘True Love’ video

Fat suits are usually a signal to flee with all due haste, but Coldplay manages to employ two in the group’s video for “True Love,” the third single from its “Ghost Stories” album, in an endearing way.

Shot largely in Los Angeles with the historic Los Angeles Theatre downtown featured in several scenes, the Jonas Ackerlund-directed video finds singer Chris Martin and Canadian actress Jessica Lucas portraying oversized people who are ridiculed in their daily comings and goings and excluded from enjoying an art form both are passionate about: ballet.

The song’s theme of love being blind to superficial things, wrapped in a characteristically dreamy melody and sonically caressing production, plays out as Martin’s and Lucas’ paths eventually cross after a ballet company’s grand premiere performance has ended.

The two move awkwardly about their ordinary lives, before finding each other and a new poetry of motion together on stage long after the ballet dancers have left.


Martin sings a lyric that invites speculation about whether it was written as he and Gwyneth Paltrow were moving toward their “conscious uncoupling,” as she described their romantic breakup recently: “Remember once upon a time, When I was yours and you were blind, The fire would sparkle in your eyes, And mine.”

Coldplay previously videos for “Magic” and “A Sky Full of Stars” from “Ghost Stories.”

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