Beyonce’s hair attacked by fan in Montreal, the electric kind


Beyonce knows how to keep fans in line, especially when they go for her hair.

We’re not talking about fans of her music -- we’re talking about fans that are electric and propel cool air wind toward you.

At a concert Monday at the Bell Centre in Montreal, the 31-year-old’s hair was pulled into the spindles of the rogue stage fan during her performance of “Halo.” Handlers struggled to unravel her blond locks from the machine and even Beyonce attempted to yank the strands out of the whirlwind, according to footage found on YouTube.

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But ever the professional, the diva kept on singing as she stagehands continued to work to set her free.

There was no indication that Jay-Z’s wife was injured, according to People.

Bey, currently on “The Mrs. Carter Show” tour, shared this video of the incident on Instagram proving that Sasha Fierce has a sense of humor and that all was well.

Obviously amused by the moment of life mimicking art, Beyonce also shared a photo of a handwritten note bearing a parody of the song’s lyrics, applying them to her situation. “Haaa,” she wrote.

“Gravity cant begiiiiiiiin to pull me out of the fan again. I felt my hair was yankiiiiiiiin From the fan thats always hatiiiiiiiin Virgin Remy & Malaysiiiiiiaaaaaan Haaaaaaaaa!! I got snatched ‘2 snaps’ Goodnight All, B,” she wrote.

At a Copenhagen concert last May, another fan disrupted her concert. This kind happened to be the human variety. He slapped Queen Bey on the behind while she was performing and she momentarily stopped singing to threaten to have him thrown out of the event if he didn’t keep his hands to himself.




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