Late Night: Kate Upton shows Jimmy Fallon the ‘cat daddy’

Model Kate Upton paid a visit to “Late Night” on Wednesday, where she promoted her latest eye-popping magazine cover – she’s pictured on July’s issue of GQ, sucking an extremely patriotic red, white and blue Popsicle – and, more importantly, showed Jimmy Fallon some of her renowned dance moves.

Upton, who first shot to fame when a video of her doing the Dougie became a viral hit, recently created a sensation by performing another dance, the “cat daddy,” while wearing the infamously microscopic bikini she wore on the cover of Sports Illustrated. As Fallon explained last night, the video was even temporarily removed from YouTube for being too “steamy.”

So it was perhaps inevitable when he asked Upton if she’d show him the cat daddy. She cheerfully obliged: “Of course. Why else am I here?”

Dressed more conservatively than usual, in a black-and-white polka dot dress and ladylike heels, Upton demonstrated the two steps that make up the dance: “buckle your seat belt” and “roll your wheelchair.” While Upton’s got some pretty good moves, let’s just say Fallon could probably use a few more lessons.



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