‘South Park’ to celebrate Record Store Day with limited vinyl

Kyle Broflovski, left, Kenny McCormick and Stan Marsh on "South Park."
(Comedy Central)

“South Park” and Record Store Day aren’t two things that naturally associate themselves with one another, but that’s what’s happening this year, as the long-running Comedy Central show is releasing a limited-edition vinyl record in conjunction with the annual day celebrating independent record stores.

Two songs heard on the series, “San Diego” and “Gay Fish,” are being released on a 7-inch vinyl record limited to 2,000 copies.


Record Store Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in April. This year, that’s April 20.

“San Diego” was first heard in the Season 16 episode “Butterballs,” while the Kanye West-inspired “Gay Fish” was heard in the Season 13 episode “Fishsticks.”

“South Park” has always had a penchant for music (creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker also did their own musical, “Book of Mormon”), but it’s been more than 13 years since the last album of “South Park” music was released. “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics” was released in 1999. Before that, there was the soundtrack to the “South Park” movie and the show’s first album, “Chef Aid” in 1998.

The Record Store Day celebration was created in 2007 as a way to celebrate the culture of independently owned record stores. Several companies release special discs to commemorate the day, but no other will feature Stan Marsh’s bare butt on the label.


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