Apple issues credit to angry ‘Breaking Bad’ fans

‘Breaking Bad’
Apple issued a $22.99 credit to “Breaking Bad” fans, allowing them to buy the final eight episodes of the series.

AMC’s tricky numbering system for “Breaking Bad’s” final season has caused a headache for Apple, which issued credits Monday to fans of the series miffed at being charged twice on iTunes.

The final season of “Breaking Bad” was originally split into two parts, airing roughly a year apart -- eight episodes in 2012 and the final eight currently airing. When fans purchased a season pass to download episodes on iTunes for $22.99, they thought they were getting all 16 episodes of the final season. Instead, when the final episodes began airing last month, they were designated on iTunes as “The Final Season” and viewers were charged another $22.99.

Complaints from fans followed, and on Monday, Apple issued a $22.99 credit to fans, allowing them to buy the final eight episodes.

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“We apologize for any confusion the naming of ‘Season 5' and ‘The Final Season’ of ‘Breaking Bad’ might have caused you,” the message from iTunes read, adding that the company did not have a hand in the naming of the split season.

AMC has made a habit of splitting its seasons. The upcoming fourth season of “The Walking Dead” will begin in October for eight episodes, with the second eight beginning to air in February.

The final season of “Mad Men” will be split into two segments of seven episodes apiece that will air in 2014 and 2015.



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