Barbra Streisand duets with Jimmy Fallon, denies she’s a diva

Barbra Streisand hasn’t been a guest on “The Tonight Show” since 1963. But she broke the streak on Monday night to appear with Jimmy Fallon.

Streisand was there to promote her new album, “Partners,” which features the singer pairing up for a series of duets with Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Andrea Bocelli and John Legend, among others. 

For her first official “Tonight Show” performance in half a century, Streisand sang along with Fallon, who adopted the style of three of her collaborators: Michael Buble, Blake Shelton and even Elvis. Yes, Streisand collaborated with Elvis from beyond the grave.

Give Streisand points for being a sport, even though she seemed less than thrilled by Fallon’s vocal abilities.


And forget about the attempted kiss. Streisand wasn’t having it.

During her interview segment, where Fallon let her sit behind the desk, she urged him not to give up his “night job.”

But then Fallon gushed, “You came on time, you were very polite to my crew, you came to rehearsal, you were nice to everybody... What have you done with Barbra Streisand?”

“I’m quite ordinary,” Streisand responded. “Quite simple. Normal.”


She said she doesn’t go out much except for trips with husband James Brolin in their truck. Brolin drives it, she doesn’t.

All kidding aside, Streisand handled herself well during the segment. Now the question remains: Will she do it again?

As Fallon himself said, “Let’s be honest, you’re never coming back here.”

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