Bill Clinton tops guest lineup for David Letterman’s penultimate week

‘Late Show’

Former President Bill Clinton appears on the “Late Show” in 2010.

(Jeffrey R. Staab / CBS)

The guest list has been announced for David Letterman’s penultimate week of the “Late Show,” and once again, the week features a U.S. president.

Former President Clinton will make his 10th visit to the “Late Show” to say goodbye to Dave. He made his first appearance as a guest on the show in 2002.

President Obama kicked off this week on Monday and First Lady Michelle Obama appeared the week before. No word on whether Hillary Clinton, who has appeared on the “Late Show” several times over the years, but not since her last presidential campaign in 2008, will be a guest.

The other guests announced for next week include Howard Stern and Don Rickles on Monday (oh please let them be on together), Clinton and Adam Sandler on Tuesday, Julia Roberts and singer Ryan Adams on Wednesday, George Clooney and Tom Waits on Thursday, and Oprah Winfrey and Norm MacDonald doing standup on Friday.


Following the week, there will be just three more episodes of “Late Show” left, with so many guests people still want to see. Will Bill Murray make an appearance? Tom Hanks? Jay Leno?

Letterman’s final show will be May 20.


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