Bob Costas versus Glenn Beck in Washington Redskins nickname flap


Bob Costas and Glenn Beck might want to avoid making plans to catch a Redskins game together.

Beck, the outspoken right-wing radio host, is fuming after Costas aired an editorial criticizing the Washington Redskins’ nickname as an ethnic “insult” and “slur” to Native Americans during Sunday’s telecast of the NFL game between the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys.

The longtime NBC sportscaster noted other team mascots and nicknames that derive from ethnic references. But Costas went on: “Ask yourself what the equivalent [of Redskins] would be, if directed toward African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or members of any other ethnic group.”


These remarks didn’t sit well with Beck, who unloaded on Costas on Monday.

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“You sanctimonious piece of crap,” Beck said, referring to Costas, adding that Costas is “senile” and “wildly arrogant.”

“Why is it that all white people think they have to correct all the ills and protect everybody else?” Beck added. (It should be noted that Beck attacked Costas last year too, when the NBC sportscaster gave an editorial on the Second Amendment.)

The furor over the Redskins’ nickname has been growing this season. President Obama said that if he owned the franchise, he would think about changing the name. But others have dismissed the entire controversy, including columnist Rick Reilly, who quoted his Native American father-in-law as finding it “so silly.”

What do you think? Who’s right in this latest media war?


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