‘Breaking Bad’: Want to own Walter’s undies? You can!

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Yes, “Breaking Bad” is coming to an end on TV. But just because the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is ending, it doesn’t mean you can’t stage your own fantasy continuations of the story at home. And what better way to create those fantasies than to have a few of the actual props from the show?

The auction website ScreenBid is selling off a couple hundred props used on the acclaimed AMC drama series, with highlights including Hector “Tico” Salamanca’s wheelchair ($5,000 opening bid) and the mangled teddy bear seen floating in the White family swimming pool in season two ($1,500 opening bid).

According to the New York Times, the website went live Friday and is designed to help studios sell off props in an efficient and profitable manner. However, not everything from “Breaking Bad” is going to the highest bidder. The RV that Walter and Jesse used to cook meth is not going up for sale and will continue to be owned by Sony Pictures Television to be displayed on the lot.


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Though the items are viewable through the website now, the actual auction doesn’t begin until Sep. 29, the day the final episode of “Breaking Bad” airs. And some items have been held back so as not to reveal plot developments in the final two episodes. The auction will end Oct. 8.

Other notable props for sale include the copy of “Leaves of Grass” with the inscription to Walter that gave away his secret drug life to his DEA agent brother-in-law Hank (opening bid $3,000) and Walter White’s tighty-whities (opening bid $250). Those who mock the idea of paying that much for underwear should note that the briefs are currently on display at the Museum of Moving Images and wouldn’t be delivered until Oct. 27 (after the exhibit ends).

One of the priciest items (at least for its opening bid) is Skyler White’s Jeep, with its oil leak and chipped paint, which is starting at $7,125.

Several items from the meth lab are also for sale, but don’t go getting any ideas.


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