‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’s’ Guillermo tries to use the Force on J.J. Abrams

“Star Wars Celebration” kicked off in Anaheim on Thursday and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” sent its roaming correspondent and security guard, Guillermo, to get the scoop. And wouldn’t you know it, he landed a sit-down interview with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams. How’s that for corporate synergy?

Yes, Guillermo may not be the best at remembering names, and he isn’t even clear who exactly is in the new “Star Wars” movie, but he’s got enthusiasm. He even dressed as Princess Leia for his sit-down with Abrams. And, to make things even more impressive, he attempted a Jedi mind trick on the director, to get him to reveal the ending of the movie.

Didn’t work.

Abrams seemed like he wasn’t sure if he should have agreed to the interview in the first place. But he tried his best to go along with the bit. That’s the price of getting to direct a “Star Wars” movie.

That said, Guillermo did bring up some fair points. A “Star Wars” movie with Beyonce and Spider-Man may not be the obvious choice, but it could be the “Star Wars” movie America needs right now.

Just think of the musical possibilities.

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