Jimmy Kimmel has a chat with ‘Rob Ford’

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the gift that keeps on giving for late-night comedians. On Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t get the actual Rob Ford to speak, but he had the next best thing: “Parks and Recreation’s” Jim O’Heir doing his best Rob Ford impression.

Ford is in the midst of a scandal in which he admitted this week to having smoked crack cocaine in the past. He told reporters in Canada that he may have smoked the crack during one of his “drunken stupors.” Despite this admission, he said he wouldn’t resign.

Looking sweaty and red-faced, O’Heir-as-Ford claimed he couldn’t remember admitting to smoking crack, which he indeed admitted to in a news conference Tuesday.

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“Will you continue to smoke crack?” Kimmel asked.

“How can I continue to do something I don’t do?” Ford wondered.

“You said you did it!” Kimmel said.

“No, no, no. I said I did it. I didn’t say I do it. Big difference.”

This kind of crazy logic continued for a bit, with Ford eventually pleading, “How can I be held accountable for something I did in a drunken stupor? Does that sound fair to you?”

O’Heir, known to most people as hapless Jerry on “Parks and Recreation,” may have lucked into an impression that will take him far. Most commenters have lamented the fact that the perfect comedian to do a Rob Ford impression, Chris Farley, is dead. But O’Heir could take his Ford antics far.

“Have you done things worse than [smoking crack]?” Kimmel asked.

“In a drunken stupor? Sure! Let’s see ... baby smuggling, grave robbing, cannibalism.”

The strangest thing is that as over the top as O’Heir’s impression may be, it doesn’t even begin to approach the real-life Ford, who was revealed in a video tape in the midst of a wild rant, in which he threatened to kill people.


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