Johnny Depp talks playing Barbies, hanging with One Direction

Being the parent of an adolescent girl is never easy, but it turns out the job can be a little easier when you’re also a gigantic movie star. Who knew?

Johnny Depp and his inexplicable Irish brogue paid a visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night to promote his new movie, “The Lone Ranger,” where he said that he developed most of the eccentric characters for which he’s known while playing Barbies (and sometimes G.I. Joe) with his kids.

The Barbie-playing chat provided a nice segue for Kimmel, who asked about a photo tweeted by Depp’s teenage daughter, Lily-Rose, featuring the actor -- whose musical taste runs more to the Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop -- posing with the boy band One Direction.

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“How did that happen?” Kimmel wondered.

Perhaps trying to retain his rocker cred, Depp played dumb at first, pretending he didn’t recall the meeting. But he soon ‘fessed up.

“My daughter, she’s a great fan of One Direction, and she asked if she could go to see them on the Ellen show. So I hooked it up,” said Depp, who recently celebrated his 50th -- yes, 50th -- birthday.

“That’s a nice chit to have as a dad,” Kimmel remarked (though we’re guessing as host of a late-night talk show, he’s got a few chits himself).

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As it turns out, the boys in the band were just as excited to be meeting Johnny Depp and asked to come back to his house after the show to “say hi.”

“So then One Direction went with your daughter back to your house?” Kimmel asked in disbelief.

“You seem somewhat jealous,” Depp observed. “You seem freaked out.”

“Let’s just say it doesn’t happen to me. I would be lucky if I could get the guys from 98 Degrees to come to my house,” the host said. “You don’t know who they are, do you?”

“No,” Depp said -- but you already knew that.


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