Talking TV: ‘The Walking Dead’ returns with a vengeance

“The Walking Dead” is back!

After a seemingly interminable (or in-Terminus-able) wait, the fifth season of the epic zombie series kicked things off in brutal fashion. It started off with baseball bats to the back of the head and managed to get more intense from there.

After a slower-paced second half of season four, the characters wasted no time in moving things along faster than we’re used to.

In a single episode, the jail of Terminus is gone and our group of survivors is finally back together again. Who could have predicted it would all happen so quickly?


At noon, join Times TV critic Mary McNamara, TV writer Patrick Kevin Day and reporter and avowed “Walking Dead” fan Alicia Banks to discuss the events of the season opener and what they will mean for Rick and friends in the weeks to come. Questions and comments to #asklatimes.

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