Tina Fey plays footage of (alleged!) laptop thief on ‘Late Show’


People of America, Tina Fey needs your help.

The woman otherwise known as Liz Lemon paid a visit to “Late Show With David Letterman,” where she gave viewers a glimpse into her post-“30 Rock” life which, she joked, consists mostly of going to her new Manhattan office and making toast.

But Fey’s pleasantly uneventful daily routine was shaken up recently when her office was burglarized, with a devious furniture mover (allegedly) stealing a computer full of her ideas for new TV shows.


“It wasn’t Jay Leno, was it?” David Letterman asked.

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If only the thief were that recognizable. Fey shared footage of the incident captured by her office’s surveillance camera, though, in a major obstacle to solving the crime, the perpetrator’s face was blurred out. Darn those pesky CBS lawyers! (Another major obstacle, as Fey pointed out: Many viewers in New York City are still unable to watch CBS because of the network’s ongoing dispute with Time Warner Cable.)

In the tape, a man enters the small, sparsely decorated reception of Fey’s office (“We’re doing great!” Fey quipped), then slips away with what appears to be a laptop tucked in to a manila envelope -- a fact that, as she noted with irritation, he barely attempted to conceal by leaving the flap wide open.

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Fey said that she went to the police, who were very helpful, but there’s only so much they could do. “New York’s a big city. Some guy stole my jokes. And they’re like, ‘We’ll get right on it,’ ” she said.

But hey, those jokes are not exactly worthless: Fey is on a hot streak at the moment, having sold two sitcoms just last week, one of which reportedly sparked a bidding war.



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