Tom Hanks grabs a stranger on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ for Christmas photo

There are few late-night talk show guests more dependable than Tom Hanks. The two-time Oscar winner always comes prepared with good stories or bits, no matter what show he’s on. For his visit with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night’s show, Hanks even took time to make an unsuspecting audience member’s holidays a little brighter.

Teeing off with a quick discussion about how the Hanks family doesn’t get together for Christmas card photo shoots anymore, Kimmel guided the star of “Saving Mr. Banks” into a bit in which the actor decided to select an audience member to get his Christmas card photo with.

The lucky winner was Rebecca from Richmond, Va., a kindly-looking woman who appeared a bit star-struck (even though Hanks seemed to already know who he was going to pick).

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The woman came down to the stage and assured Hanks that yes, they celebrate Christmas in Virginia. Then Hanks brought out his holiday elf, played by a less-than-enthused Wiz Khalifa, dressed as Santa’s helper. The things a rapper has to do to promote his upcoming album...


Soon, Hanks, Rebecca and Khalifa were in position (with Khalifa doing a Dorf by kneeling on shoes to appear like a little person) and Kimmel took the snapshot.

Best line of the bit came from grandmotherly Rebecca, who said, “Hi, nice to meet you, Wiz.”

While it’s a nice little souvenir of Rebecca’s time in Hollywood, we have to say that Hanks’ performance as Santa Claus is one of his least convincing in years. He didn’t even wear a beard. For the definitive Hanks-as-Santa performance, we direct you to the 2004 film “The Polar Express.”


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