Pyrrha, HBO to launch ‘Game of Thrones’ jewelry line April 4

Pyrrha for Game of Thrones Talisman Collection
Talisman necklaces ($226) from the official Pyrrha for Game of Thrones jewelry collection ($98 to $900), which rolls out to retail on April 4, two days before the HBO show returns for its fourth season.

Two days before HBO’s “Game of Thrones” returns for its fourth season, a collection of talisman necklaces and rings inspired by the show will hit retail jewelry brand Pyrrha, it was announced Thursday. 

A partnership between the Vancouver-based jewelry design studio and HBO Global Licensing, the official Pyrrha for Game of Thrones collection, which rolls out to retail on April 4, will include a range of sterling silver and bronze unisex talisman necklaces and rings bearing the sigils (a sigil is a magical emblem or symbol) of the powerful houses of Westeros – Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister and Greyjoy. 

Priced from $98 to $900 (with the talismans in the above photo retailing for $226) the collection will be available through HBO’s online shop, Pyrrha’s website and its 8315 W. 3rd St. flagship locally as well as at select retailers nationwide. 

This isn’t the show’s first foray into the luxury fashion arena; last May HBO announced it had partnered with Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin to offer a limited-edition “Night’s Watch” marine diver timepiece inspired by the military order of the same name that appears on the show. Features included a 45.8 millimeter diameter stainless steel case coated in matte black rubber, the “Thrones” logo on the case back and a price tag of $10,500. 



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