Insect-inspired jewelry puts the bug in the spotlight


Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, spiders, beetles, ants, scorpions, wasps and a slew of other multi-legged and winged creatures are in the spotlight thanks to several new and recently introduced jewelry styles.

Insects are turning up in statement pieces from Gucci, which is all about the bees, as well as jewelry designs by Stephen Webster and Los Angeles-based Jennifer Herwitt.

“At first, people react as if they hate or are scared of insects,” says Herwitt, about the insect and arachnid pieces she creates for her jewelry line J. Herwitt. “[But] once they see they are diamonds and gold, they start to see the beauty and the delicacy and intricate details that make [them] so realistic.”


While insect-inspired jewelry might be an acquired taste, these styles likely won’t disappear soon, especially if Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, has his way. After all, the bee has become an essential design element of the Italian label’s buzzworthy comeback.


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