Lottie Moss on her new spring/summer collection at PacSun and the stories behind some of her tattoos


While lounging in the penthouse suite of the London Hotel in West Hollywood on a March afternoon, Lottie Moss said, “Fashion has always been a massive part of my life.”

On hand to promote her new clothing line’s festival collection, Moss was alluding to her upbringing alongside her older sibling, model Kate Moss. “My sister had a great wardrobe, so I would raid her closet,” she said. “We would have fashion shows. I remember I got a Burberry jacket from her and I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ I was freaking out. I dressed up in, like, fairy princess outfits when I was a child and then I skipped straight to a glam wardrobe,” thanks to her supermodel sister’s access to designer labels.

Born in Southern England and based in London, the 20-year-old Moss has since become a successful model in her own right. Having fronted campaigns for Chanel, Calvin Klein and Red Valentino, Moss recently branched into design with the Lottie Moss Collection available exclusively at PacSun stores and at


“It was a natural progression,” Moss said, explaining that she modeled for PacSun denim in 2016. She also stars in the campaign for her eponymous line, which launched in February.

The Lottie Moss X PacSun spring/summer 2018 collection features flirty crepe dresses, bandeau crop tops with matching shorts, cheeky graphic tees and ruffled bikini sets, ranging in price from $22.95 to $59.95. “I tried to create pieces that were very me,” she said, adding that the collection was inspired by her love of Brigitte Bardot and the color pink.

“This is what my British friends and I wish we could wear,” she laughed, noting that new styles will be available in PacSun stores during April and May. “In London, I dress completely in black — black jeans, black boots and a black biker jacket. I’m colorless,” Moss said.

The model-designer said she enjoys spending time in Los Angeles because the sunny atmosphere allows her to embrace her “cutesy” side. This time she was on an extended vacation in the City of Angels. “I needed time away from London,” she said. “It gets hectic there, so I thought, ‘I’m going to book myself a month’s holiday.’ I’ve always really enjoyed L.A. It’s a fun place.”

She said the trip also provided the perfect excuse for her to wear her new line. One of Moss’ favorite pieces is a T-shirt that reads “Not Yours” on the front, while on the back, it reads, “Never Was.” While the tee hadn’t been put into production, Moss can be seen wearing it in a promotional video for the campaign. She said the shirt was inspired by a tattoo — in the same script — that’s on her butt.

“I got it when I was breaking up with my ex-boyfriend,” she said with a laugh. “I think it’s quite funny.” Moss has five small tattoos and she hopes to incorporate more of their designs and styles into future fashion collections. “This was the first tattoo that I got,” she said, revealing a small heart on her right wrist. “We might start putting it on T-shirts.”

Moss will soon attend Coachella. After all, her current collection was designed with the festival circuit in mind. “I dress differently when I go to festivals,” she said. “I’m like a different person. It’s like, ‘Festival Lottie.’ I dress in sequins and fun things like that. I definitely wear a lot more color.”

As for her Coachella schedule, Moss said, “How embarrassing is this?” She leaned in. “I haven’t even looked at the lineup,” she said, practically in a whisper. “The only person I know is playing is Beyoncé.” Even so, Moss said she looks forward to discovering new bands while she’s in the desert, and, naturally, she plans to pack a few Lottie Moss X PacSun pieces “to get some nice Instagrams.”

Moss said she hopes to expand the Lottie Moss Collection in the future, adding that an autumn/winter collection will be released later this year. Asked what her older sister thinks of the line, Moss said, “She hasn’t seen it in person yet. But she will. My niece [Lila Grace Moss Hack, Kate Moss’ daughter] is 15. So it’s perfect for her.”

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