Sister act: Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin’s daughters take on Miss Golden Globe


On Wednesday afternoon the Stallone sisters — Sophia, 20; Sistine, 18, and Scarlet, 14 — arrived at The Beverly Hilton Stardust Ballroom for a luncheon to celebrate their shared title, Miss Golden Globe 2017. Dressed in Michelle Mason, Armani and Cushnie et Ochs, respectively, the trio often laughed in unison and finished each others’ sentences. The daughters of Golden Globes 2016 Best Supporting Actor Sylvester Stallone and model Jennifer Flavin shared their experience growing up with a famous dad, career goals and their upcoming television debut.

WWD: What does it mean to be Miss Golden Globe?

Sistine Stallone: It’s such a privilege and honor to be asked and even considered to do it following the previous Golden Globes Girls that have made such a name for themselves. They’re such profound young women and it’s such an honor.


Sophia Stallone: I think for me, it means an amazing memory that I’ll have for the rest of my life that I’ll never get to experience again, especially with my two sisters by my side so it’s more of future impact for me.

Scarlet Stallone: It definitely takes off the pressure with the three of us doing it. My mom tells me every day, “Live in the moment. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” and I’m just going to enjoy it while I can.

WWD: Do you do a lot together as sisters?

Sophia: Not public stuff. Sistine is an amazing model and she’s been doing that alone and killing it, I’m in college, and [Scarlet’s] only in middle school. But behind the scenes we spend every second with each other.

WWD: What do you do?


Scarlet: We’re such homebodies. We like spending time with our dogs, swimming, watching movies together.

WWD: In terms of the big day, how are you preparing?Sistine: I think it’s finally hitting us how close it is. We’re just getting our dresses together, getting hair and makeup together.

Sophia: We’re learning how to walk in our heels.

WWD: Your mother was a model; was there any advice given to make the day run smooth?

Scarlet: Go slowly, watch your step.

Sophia: I’m a bull in a china shop, so our parents are always like, “Look at your surroundings, look at the floor, make sure there are no wires. Take it one step at a time. Go up and down the stairs a bunch of times.”

Scarlet: Practicing holding on to the award and not dropping it. Just those little things that make a huge, huge difference.

WWD: How did you find out that you got the job?


Scarlet: Oh, so we were all in the kitchen relaxing and my dad gets the call and he comes in and tells us the news. We have our dogs with us and when he tells us it’s ballistic what happens, it’s a big party. We were dancing and screaming, it was so much fun.

WWD: What will you be wearing for the big day?

Sophia: We have to color coordinate. I mean, there are three of us so we can’t all wear different colors.

Sistine: We’re all going long, but different styles. One look is really elegant, one is really sexy, and they all flatter us in different ways. We’re all excited to be wearing our dresses. Our mom was our go-to stylist.

WWD: What is it like to be the daughter of Sylvester Stallone?

Sistine: I just look at him as my dad. It’s crazy, because we didn’t realize how big of a deal he is until we were with him at the Golden Globes last year and watched him win. Having that moment, being able to share that is something that I’ll never forget.


Sophia: But I think we’ve all known that he’s a big person around the world and he’s an icon because we’ve got experiences that not a lot of people get to experience, but we hang out with him every day. He’s our dad to us and he’s awesome. He gives us a lot of advice. He’s very wise.

Scarlet: At school a lot of people will say, “Say ‘hi’ to Rocky for me.” But it’s normal for me. We all grew up with him and we really just see him as a great dad. He’s just really normal.

WWD: You mentioned your father is really wise. What kind of advice has he given you that’s really been impactful?Sophia: Cherish the moment. Especially with this, we’re not going to ever have this moment again with the three of us together at an age also that we’ll remember it, because if you’re too young it would be hard to.

WWD: What’s been a cool moment throughout this whole process?

Sophia: I think meeting Jimmy Fallon today. It felt like we’ve known him for 20 years. We walked into the green room and he was right there.

Sistine: He totally exceeded our expectations.

WWD: Let’s talk about your careers. What made you want to be a model Sistine?


Sistine: I’ve always been drawn to the fashion industry ever since I was really little. My mom did it and I never thought that I would be able to do it ever. I just didn’t think I was capable of ever doing something like that and when I was 15 my mom pushed me. She was like, “I want you to go for your dreams. Try it and see what happens.” I ended up loving it. I’ve been doing it for two years now. I’m signed with IMG in New York. It’s so much fun. It does not feel like work, I would literally do it for free.

Sophia: I was so proud of her when she went to Paris and she walked for Chanel. She was so mature about it. She’s my baby sister and she was so mature about it, it was crazy.

WWD: Sophia, what is school like for you?

Sophia: I’m at USC; it’s my second year. I have been drawn more toward the business side like my mom. My mom is an entrepreneur and I love that. I kind of want to do that. I guess I would be on TV partially and have my own business, which I think is a great women empowerment thing to be able to control your world.

WWD: What kind of business would you like to start?

Sophia: I’m a communications major with a minor in entrepreneurship so I want to do something in beauty or fashion. It’s very new and I just realized this about myself, which is crazy at 20 years old. I’m glad; I’m usually a planner. We’re so blessed to have our dad in the film industry and then we have our mom who’s in the business side. My mom has an amazing skin-care line and she’s teaching me the ropes. That combo together is really beneficial.


WWD: What about you, Scarlet, as the youngest?

Scarlet: I’m only in junior high; I’m not as successful as these girls. A lot of people ask me if I want to be in the film industry, but I tried it in fourth grade and let’s just say it didn’t turn out as well as I thought it should. [All laugh.] Actually, I did so bad in that they cut my line during the movie. They literally cut my line. I had to say three words. I was really nervous.

WWD: What do you want people to know about you, since this is a huge public debut?

Sophia: I think overall, we’re very grounded and we really care about school and education. That’s probably a reason we really haven’t been in the public eye. We really cherish being as normal as possible, having friends, going to high school parties and getting our degree, taking that time. My mom really pushes that all the time. We’re just nice. We as a family are extremely close. We have dinner probably every night together.

Sistine: I think people build up this perception of who we are. Normally when I meet someone they’re like, “Oh you’re a lot nicer than I thought you were.” And I’m like, “Oh thank you.”

WWD: Do you care about the fame at all?


Scarlet: We don’t want fame to get in the way.

Sistine: We’re trying to live in our childhood for as long as we can.

Sophia: Yeah, being an adult sounds really not fun [All laugh].


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