Scarves, mittens let Democrats, Republicans show their colors


Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, an Obama supporter or a Romney fan, there’s a scarf and mitten set to show your party allegiance. Just in time for night No. 2 of the Democratic National Convention, the website is launching a line of knitwear items in Republican red (complete with party-appropriate elephant) and Democrat blue (accompanied by a donkey).

“In a political season of snarkiness and one-liners, we’re thrilled to [offer] a product that allows the politically savvy to share their support without taking a shot at the other side ... whether they tune in to Fox News or the Huffington Post,” said AlwaysFits owner Ashley Judge of Massachusetts.

The scarves and mittens represent “good, clean, American patriotism,” said Judge, and are just as patriotic as the parties they represent. They’re manufactured in upstate New York. Produced by Green 3, the mittens ($21.99) and scarves ($29.99) are 25% acrylic and 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton, the latter of which is sourced from the waste created by apparel and furniture factories.


Mittens and scarves are for cooler climates, so it’s unlikely that better sales for one party will serve as any sort of vote-outcome prognostication. For that, we’ll have to wait until Nov. 6, at which point the scarves and mittens will either be sold out or irrelevant.


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