11 bar cookies and brownies: Grab a glass of milk and dig in


No disrespect to cakes and cookies, but bar cookies and brownies are the way to go when your sweet tooth wants something quick and easy.

You see, cakes often require frostings and layers. And cookies can take quite a few trips back and forth to the oven. But bar cookies and brownies? They’re pour-and-bake easy. And many recipes call for lining the baking dish with parchment paper or foil -- making clean-up a snap.

We’ve collected several of our favorite bar cookie and brownie recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen. They’re perfect for making in advance and taking to picnics, pool parties and barbecues.


PHOTOS: 11 bar cookies and brownies

And you might even find yourself returning to these recipes come fall, and dropping a brownie or two into your lunch sacks, or enjoying a sliver as an after-school snack.

We’ve got several different types of brownies in this collection, including a brownie that gets a kick from cayenne.

We also have wildflower honey shortbread bars, lemon bars and graham cracker chewy bars as well as paradise bars -- so named because of their dreamy combination of pecans and coconut baked over a rich shortbread-like crust.

We’ve even put a sophisticated twist on that childhood favorite, Rice Krispies Treats. In our version, we include an unexpected ingredient: rosemary.




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