What we’re eating: ‘Almost’ pickles from Studio City farmers market


Jerry’s Almost Pickles from the Studio City farmers market are made with apple cider vinegar. 

(Jenn Harris / Los Angeles Times)

Past a bouncy slide, the pony rides, that actor from “Clueless” and the roasted peanut guy at the Studio City farmers market, are three jars of pickles on display at one of the smallest stands at the market. This is where you’ll find Jerry’s Almost Pickles.

If you’re the type of person who asks for extra pickles on your burger, chooses a deli based on its pickles and has ever flirted with the idea of brining chicken in pickle juice, these jars are for you. 

Jerry’s Almost Pickles are made by husband-and-wife team Jerry and Bianca Chin. The two Hollywood residents started making pickles after neither could find a variety that really “hit the mark” for them. 

The pickles are called “almost” pickles because of the way the cucumbers are pickled. Instead of fermenting the vegetables in a salt brine, the cucumbers are kept refrigerated while they soak in apple cider vinegar. 

The result is a jar of sliced, really crunchy cucumber pickles with a uniquely bright zing. Instead of being tart, they’ve got more of a tang. 

The pickles come in three flavors — spicy garlic, zesty red pepper and sweet habanero. The spicy garlic is the closest you’ll come to a classic garlic dill pickle; the zesty red pepper is similar to the cucumber pickles featured as banchan at many Korean restaurants; and the sweet habanero is more sweet than spicy. 

And yes, it’s a good idea to use the leftover juice in your next martini. 

At $10 a jar, this could become your new most expensive snack. The Jerry’s Almost Pickles company also donates 10% of its proceeds to World Vision, a nonprofit that provides clean water, food and educational opportunities to children around the world.  

Find the pickles at local farmers markets, listed on the company website

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