A taco cleanse? Yes, it’s real -- and it’s vegan


The next trendy cleanse to hit Los Angeles incorporates avocados, kale, tempeh, tortillas -- and plenty of margaritas. It’s called the taco cleanse, it’s vegan, and it’s here just in time for all those New Year’s resolutions you have every intention of keeping.

“The Taco Cleanse” is a new book by Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris. They are the self-proclaimed taco scientists behind what they call “the tortilla-based diet proven to change your life.”

The four Austin, Texas, residents first introduced the taco cleanse, in which they ate tacos for three meals a day, for 30 days, for the 2013 Vegan Month of Food, also known as a month, launched by the Post Punk Kitchen website, devoted to writing about vegan food.


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The book is a vegan cookbook designed to help you replace every meal for a day, month or however long you choose, with a taco. So in place of a juice fast, an “inspiring” churro-waffle taco. Instead of the Master Cleanse, which involves lemon juice and cayenne pepper, try the “minor cleanse,” made with tequila and cayenne pepper. See what they did there?

Ready to get started? Before attempting the taco cleanse, the book offers a taco quiz, in which you answer a series of questions to discover your taco-eater personality. You can be a taco purist, taco sentimentalist, taco adventurist or taco contortionist. Yes, it’s just like those Cosmopolitan magazine quizzes.

Once that’s settled, design a meal plan -- this will be easy because every meal is a taco -- and then start making tacos.

Some of the recipe highlights from the book include jackfruit brisket, tempeh picadillo and ion-charged refried beans. To drink: variations on a “Mexican” martini, an avocado margarita and an agave margarita.

Who knew tacos were so good for the soul? Well, just about anyone who has ever eaten at a really good taco truck.


“The Taco Cleanse” is out now, and is available on

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