Pass the butter: 19 great recipes for biscuits, rolls and dinner breads

You know what really makes a Sunday dinner special? Family and friends, of course. But I’m talking about what’s on the plate -- not who’s around it!

Sunday supper sparkles when served alongside freshly baked breads such as biscuits, rolls or dinner breads. With lots and lots of butter.

Take a spin through this photo gallery for a look at 19 of the greatest biscuit and dinner bread recipes to come out of the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen.

PHOTOS: 19 great recipes for biscuits, rolls and dinner breads


Try them and you’ll see that we’re not bragging. It’s the truth!

Some are slightly sweet -- but not too sweet, like these irresistibly flaky orange dinner rolls or these boulou, made with raisins and a touch of honey.

We’ve got lots and lots of biscuits, including angel biscuits (they’re light and airy), and three kinds of buttermilk biscuits, including buttermilk biscuits with burnt orange honey butter. Of course we included the recipe for maple-bacon biscuits, which continues to be one of the most requested recipes in L.A. Times Test Kitchen history.

If corn bread is your thing, we’ve got one that is sweetened with honey, and another one that’s perfumed with sage.


Some will take your guests by surprise, like these savory caraway crosses, pretzel rolls or Poopsie’s creamy corn cakes.

And you’d better believe we’re bringing the ooey, gooey, buttery garlic with these savory dinner rolls, olive oil and thyme monkey bread, and this garlic bread that won rave reviews from the entire L.A. Times Food staff. (And by rave reviews, I mean we were fighting over who would get the last piece!)

As you click through photo gallery, use the captions tab to find recipes. You might want to keep some of these recipes handy. As you head into fall and winter, and cooler weather and heartier fare, they’ll fit right in at your dinner table.

No matter what night of the week it is.



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