Brownie batter Oreos: Finally a flavor that tastes like it’s supposed to

Brownie batter Oreos

Brownie batter Oreo is Nabisco’s newest Oreo flavor. It could be the best Oreo flavor yet. 

(Amy Scattergood / Los Angeles Times)

Nabisco has just released yet another Oreo flavor — the latest limited-edition Oreo flavor is brownie batter. These Oreos out Oreo the OG Oreo. And they may be the best Oreo flavor yet. 

Let’s start with the concept. In principle, a brownie batter Oreo, or a brownie batter-flavored anything, should be mind-blowing. And after sampling the new Oreos around the office, everyone agreed. The brownie batter Oreos are everything you want them to be. And maybe more. 

Instead of the white creme filling, there’s a rich, fudgy, brownie batter-like chocolate filling sandwiched between two classic chocolate Oreo cookies.

It’s chocolate, on top of chocolate.  And the closest Nabisco has ever gotten to creating a product that tastes like the flavor it’s supposed to taste like. Need we remind you of watermelon Oreos? 


The brownie batter Oreos are on store shelves now — and yes, they’re dairy-free too. 

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