Why is this burger $1,770? Beluga caviar, lobster, gold leaf and more

If you’re looking for an expensive burger, you can find it at Craig’s in West Hollywood. It comes topped with cheddar, tomatoes, pickles, onion, lettuce and bacon.  At $17, it’s a little pricier than what you’d expect to pay for a cheeseburger, but it’s nowhere near the $1,770 you’ll spend on a burger at London’s Honky Tonk restaurant. 

A single burger there will cost you a month’s rent on your studio apartment. 

Chef Chris Large calls it the Glamburger

The burger starts with a patty made with Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand venison. It’s seasoned with Himalayan salt. In the middle, Large puts a chunk of black truffle brie for his own version of a Juicy Lucy. 


The patty is topped with bacon that’s been soaked in maple syrup and lobster meat poached in Iranian saffron. Then it gets a scoop of Beluga caviar. Next is a hickory-smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf. And to top it all off, a mango and Champagne sauce and some grated white truffle.  

And let’s not forget the bun. It’s slathered with a Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise, then topped with more gold leaf. 

We’re thinking instead of a soda, you’ll need to eat this burger with a nice glass of Bordeaux -- preferably a first-growth from a decent vintage.

Large decided to create the insanely expensive burger to celebrate Groupon, the flash sale site, selling its five millionth food and drink voucher.  You can enter a contest on Groupon to win a free one. 


And although expensive, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Glamburger is not the most expensive burger in the world. That title goes to the $5,000 burger at Juicys Food in Oregon. But it weighs 777 pounds. 

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