Caffeine update: Coffee Commissary now open in Palms

The Westside is now a little more caffeinated: Coffee Commissary just opened on the ground floor of the new M Lofts residential building in Palms. The cafe is on Motor Avenue, right off of National Boulevard, which is especially convenient not only for the many folks who live and work in the neighborhood, but for anyone who needs to fuel up with a fine cup of coffee before battling traffic on the 10.

This would be the fourth Coffee Commissary; the first opened in the Fairfax District in 2010, and locations in Hollywood and Burbank followed soon thereafter. Similar to the other shops, this newest member of the Commissary family is open and bright, with a minimalist, industrial aesthetic. There’s ample seating here, with tables on the patio, along the walls and at seats parked around the coffee counter. If you’re here to work, you’ll do well to note that there is WiFi and that most spots inside are well within power cord distance to an outlet. Meaning: “Come and study away,” owner Tyler King says. “We want to be accessible and welcoming.”

To fuel your study session, then, you’ll find a handful of different roasters featured on bar, including, notably, Berkeley’s terrific Supersonic Coffee. The baristas make solid cups of pour-over coffee and espresso drinks, and if you’re in the mood for something slightly sweet, the shop’s signature cinnamon-rich Cubano is on the menu as well. Shots are pulled on the pretty Strada machine that you can’t miss on the counter. Incidentally, the machine was originally used over at Coffee Commissary’s first shop on Fairfax; having recorded well over a million shots, King says, the Strada was refurbished especially for use here.

As for what to eat with what you’re drinking, the case at the counter holds pastry chef Naomi Shim’s scones, quiches, turnovers and other baked goods, all of which are all made fresh at Coffee Commissary’s Burbank location and then distributed to all of the Commissary cafes. In addition, Free Range L.A. often parks outside the shop so you can have a fried chicken sandwich alongside your Gibraltar; as is wont these days, your best bet is to follow the truck on Instagram for its exact schedule and menu.

Coffee Commissary is open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Coffee Commissary, 3425 Motor Ave., Los Angeles,