Challurkey and turkey-shaped baguettes, available for your Thanksgivvukah

This Thanksgivukkah (a once-in-a-lifetime holiday that won’t occur for another 70,000 years), Bibi’s Bakery & Cafe is celebrating with challurkey -- challah shaped like a turkey.

The bird-shaped loaves are probably nothing like the manna that fell from heaven when Israelites wandered the desert after the exodus from Egypt, but these cherubic turkey challah are also probably no less delicious.

The Pico-Union bakery is offering pull-apart challurkey for pre-order only, for $12. (Best place your order soon.) The bread looks like a couple of dozen rolls (for the wings, head and feet) connected to one large loaf (for the body). FYI, Bibi also supplies sufganiyot (doughnuts) filled with chocolate, custard or jelly.

Meanwhile, Little Next Door is preparing its turkey baguettes, available for $18, also for pre-order only. Watch a video of the turkey-bread-making here. (“Today we’re going to make turkey for Thanksgiving but not turkey as we cook in the house, roast turkey. But as decoration with bread.”)


Bibi’s Bakery & Cafe, 8928 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 246-1788, Little Next Door, 8142 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, (323) 951-1010,


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