Cheetos launches Cheeteau perfume, so you can smell like cheese snacks


A perfume that smells like Cheetos? Called Cheeteau? It may sound like an April Fools’ joke. And it is, but only sort of.

The Cheetos brand has produced a real perfume called Cheeteau. They are actual bottles of Cheetos scent, but the marketing campaign around it is just an elaborate prank.

The perfume is being promoted by Cheetos spokescat Chester Cheetah, the feisty feline featured on all Cheetos products.


“Distinctive yet timeless, playful yet refined, Cheeteau offers a frisky blend of bold notes bursting with sensual, cheesy aromas that unveil an enchanting bouquet reminiscent of the popular snack that catapulted this star to global fame,” reads the official release. “The scent also boasts buttery notes, accents of sharp cheddar and a touch of lemon for balance.”

We’re just trying to decide whether this is a daytime or evening appropriate scent.

Cheetos claims it gave away free samples of the perfume through a promotion on Twitter on Tuesday. The “Today Show” anchors also sampled the perfume on air that morning.

And just like any real perfume, Cheetos released a commercial (see above) in which an attractive couple frolics on the beach and finds cheese in the sand.

Smelling Cheetos all day without actually getting to eat them may be torture for some. It does, however, take care of the whole orange-Cheeto-crumb-crusted-fingertips problem many fans struggle with.

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