Chicken fries are back at Burger King


Your fast food prayers have been answered. Chicken fries, the fried chicken slivers shaped like French fries, are back on the menu at Burger King.

The fast food chain made the announcement on its Twitter account Monday morning. And they made up their own hashtag: “Yes, this is real life. #Chickenfriesareback.”

According to the Burger King website, the fries are made with premium white meat chicken and coated with a breading seasoned with unspecified “savory” spices and herbs. You can dip them in BBQ, honey mustard, ranch, zesty, Buffalo and sweet and sour sauce.


When the news was announced this morning, fans of the fries took to Twitter to share their complete elation as well as photos of their beloved fries.

“All is right with the world again #ChickenFriesAreBack,” tweeted @Gladiator.

“No you don’t understand I have been tweeting about this for what feels like years and finally!!!!! #ChickenFriesAreBack!!!!!!” tweeted @Helenelenlenenn.

The chicken fries were first introduced in 2005, but were discontinued in 2012. Numerous Facebook groups and even a petition on popped up with people trying to get the fries back.

The fries will be available for a limited time. One Facebook group called Bring Back Burger King’s Chicken Fries suggests boycotting the fast food chain. The group has lifted its ban on Burger King while the chicken fries are back, and encourages boycotting the burger chain again when they’re gone.

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