Video: The L.A. chocolatier that makes beautiful chocolate you can pair with booze

Compartés creates some of the most beautiful chocolate pieces in L.A. Here’s how to pair them with Champagne, wine and more. 

According to Jonathan Grahm, owner of the Brentwood-based Compartés Chocolatier, “everything is better with chocolate,” including alcohol.

Grahm, who is making some of the most beautiful chocolate in Los Angeles, filled with farmers market finds and wrapped in packages that feature prints of everything from palm trees to hot air balloons, is combining his chocolate with Champagne, red wine and tequila.

For Valentine’s Day, the Brentwood and West Hollywood Compartés locations, as well as the online shop, are selling Champagne-infused truffles dusted with edible 24-karat gold. Because, as Jonathan put it, “why not?”

All of the truffles and bars are made daily, by hand, at the Brentwood location. 


And don’t expect the chocolates to come in a standard red, heart-shaped box. Instead, the packaging is a geometric heart-shaped box printed with an image of a couple kissing. They are each stamped with rose gold metallic foil, include 35 Champagne truffles and are priced at $110. You can check them out in the video above. 

And if you like the sound of liquor and chocolate, Grahm has more. There’s a line of truffles featuring Reserva de la Familia, the extra anejo tequila from the Jose Cuervo estate, and Grahm has just partnered with Club W wine to offer a Compartés wine and chocolate ($25). The wine subscription club is now selling bottles of Compartés sparkling Lambrusco-style red blend wine and an accompanying chocolate bar, chosen by Grahm. He says if you’re looking for something to pair with the red wine, try the California Love Bar, a dark chocolate bar with bits of pretzel and sea salt.  

While Grahm believes you can pair chocolate with just about anything, some liquor pairings do work better than others. If you’re looking for a bottle to pair with dark chocolate, try red wine, Champagne, whiskey or a nice tequila. For milk chocolate, a good rum, a bottle of Champagne or a tawny port will do just fine.

There’s also a new collaboration with Kelly Wearstler, featuring bars and packaging one could understandably mistake for works of modern art. The bars themselves are decorated with splatters of color, sugar crystals and dried fruit, while the packaging incorporates vibrant colors and patterns — exactly what you’d expect from one of Wearstler’s signature designs. 


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