Watch this guy cook a turkey with a Lamborghini Aventador LP760


Still deciding how to cook your Christmas bird? You could try frying, roasting or barbecuing. Or you can shove a pitchfork into the turkey and let the flames spitting out of a Lambourghini Aventador LP760 Oakley Design do the work for you.

A man named Shmee, a.k.a. Tim, filmed himself in an ugly Christmas sweater trying to cook a turkey with the more than $400,000 car. He stands behind the car holding the turkey while an unknown driver revs the engine.

“We’ve got the most perfect turkey cooking car you could possibly imagine,” says Shmee. Because that’s something everyone imagines doing during the holidays.


Things don’t seem to go quite as planned. The car manages to throw a couple of flames and the camera switches back and forth from the car’s tachometer to Shmee awkwardly holding the turkey to the car’s exhaust pipe. The turkey still looks raw when the camera cuts to Shmee with some fully cooked turkey.

“A short while later and a lot of flames, we have one cooked turkey,” says Shmee. “So it’s time to try a bit. Perfect. Time to go home for Christmas lunch.”

If you do happen to have a Lambourghini in the driveway and want to try this at home, make sure you’ve outfitted the car with teeny-tiny reindeer antlers.

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