LeFevre and partners announce ‘steak-centric’ the Arthur J.

David LeFevre, right, and Fishing With Dynamite chef Ray Hayashi.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

David LeFevre and his partners already have a lively bistro in Manhattan Beach and a perpetually crowded oyster bar next-door. Now they’re going to add one more spot down the street that LeFevre describes only as “steak-centric.”

After acquiring the late Circa space recently, LeFevre and brothers Mike and Chris Simms are planning on turning it into a restaurant named the Arthur J, after the Simms’ grandfather, a legendary character around Manhattan Beach.

LeFevre says the new place should be open mid 2015. He’s vague on menu specifics, saying “people keep asking me if it’s going to be a steakhouse. I tell them it’s going to be steak-centric, but not a traditional steakhouse at all.


“Right now we’re still in full design- and concept-creating mode. We’re pulling together different storyboards and images and menus.

“We still haven’t finalized all the details on the concept. We want to make sure it’s perfect for the space and for Manhattan Beach and then for everybody else who might drive down from Los Angeles.”

LeFevre says the details should be ironed out and the chef hired by sometime in January, and that’s when the finalizing of the menu will begin.

“That’s when we can start nailing down the food a little more,” he says. “Because that’s when we’ll start bringing people on and getting them involved.”

LeFevre and the Simmses have already partnered on the extremely successful MB Post and Fishing With Dynamite right next-door. The new place will be located just a few blocks away at 903 Manhattan Ave.

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