Easy dinner recipes: 4 tuna sandwiches for Meatless Monday

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple tuna sandwich. And it’s the perfect meal for when you want something hearty and filling, but need to ditch the meat for Meatless Monday. 

But we’re not suggesting you just open a can of tuna for dinner, and grab two slices of bread. We’ve got four sandwiches that are packed with flavor, and anything but boring. 

If you do happen to have a can in the cupboard, try this recipe for La Grand Orange’s tuna salad with sweet golden raisins, chopped celery, chives, apple and cucumber. 

Or if you can get some Italian jarred tuna, make this recipe for an Italian tuna and shiso sandwich made with capers, lemon juice and shiso leaves on an English muffin. Or a recipe for a Mediterranean tuna sandwich with kalamata olives, fennel and a lemon vinaigrette. 

And if you’re a fan of fresh tuna, try a recipe for an ahi tuna and avocado salad sandwich on a split baguette with Moroccan black olives and Aleppo chile pepper-dusted hard-boiled egg. 

[Updated March 10, 12:18 p.m.: We expanded the definition of Meatless Monday this week to include fish, for those of us looking to cut down on red meat and poultry.]

Have a fun idea for Meatless Monday? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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