Dinner for two at French Laundry? There’s a lottery scratcher for that

The French Laundry
The French Laundry restaurant is in Yountville, Calif.
(Eric Risberg / Associated Press)

There’s a new way to score a reservation at the French Laundry, and it involves a $10 scratcher. 

The California Lottery is giving away an 18-course dinner for two at Thomas Keller’s famed Yountville restaurant, along with a bottle of Champagne and wine pairings. The prize includes a two-night stay with spa treatment at the Napa Valley Lodge, also in Yountville. 

The meal also comes with a parting gift from Keller. And if you have a little too much wine at dinner, there’s a car service for you. 

The restaurant, which is closed for renovations, is scheduled to open sometime in the spring. It was at the center of a major wine heist, with thieves stealing 76 bottles of rare wines valued at more than $300,000 over the holidays.


Dinner and the resort stay, being billed by the California Lottery as “the ultimate foodie experience” is a prize you can win by buying an Emerald 10’s Scratchers game. But winning isn’t as easy as scratching the scratcher.

To be eligible, you must submit a photo of yourself and the ticket to and include a 500-character caption on whom you’d share the prize with and why. The promotion is now open, and ends Jan. 30. The winner will be announced by Valentine’s Day. 

In a statement, the California Lottery made it clear it is not affiliated with the French Laundry, and has not partnered with the restaurant. The Sacramento-based state agency purchased the Black Card Experience, which includes the Champagne, dinner, gift and car service, from Thomas Keller’s store Finesse.

On the website, the experience is priced at $2,500. 


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