Good Girl Dinette serves breakfast; ‘Dead Chefs’ at The Residency; La Brea Bakery grilling

Here are a few highlights from a flood of food events and news just in time for summer.

‘Dead Chefs’ at The Residency: Micha Wexler (formerly at Mezze) and Mike Kassar will combine forces with Umamicatessen’s The Residency in a “Dead Chefs” dinner series Thursday. Each dinner’s menu will be inspired by a renowned dead chef including Marie Antoine Careme, Maestro Martino, Bernard Louiseau, Jean Luis Palladin, Sylvia Woods, Chen Kenmin and, of course, Julia Child. The Residency is a Umamicatessen pop-up that seats 12 guests at a time at a U-shaped counter, with the chefs preparing and plating the food only a few feet away. Wexler and Kassar recently completed their series Live and Dine in L.A., dedicated to the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 852 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, (213) 413-8626.

Breakfast at the Good Girl Dinette: Beginning Saturday, the Good Girl Dinette will serve breakfast every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Chef Diep Tran describes the breakfast menu in a release as being “informed by my So Cal youth.” The menu will include black pepper pork confit with a coddled egg, croque-garcon, pound cake and the porridge and pho from Tran’s childhood mornings. 110 N. Avenue 56, Los Angeles, (323) 257-8980.


La Brea Bakery’s Grilling Website: La Brea Bakery has launched a new grilling website called America’s Backyard, which features six cookout themes representing different regional cuisines. Each menu -- Deep South BBQ, West Coast Brunch, New England Clambake, Americana Classics, Fresh Pacific Fare and Urban Rooftop Picnic -- includes photos, recipes, tips, background information and a suggestion of which bread to serve with the meal.


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