Check out the Kab-u-to work hangover taxi, for hung-over professionals

Kab-u-to work hangover taxi
A woman sits in a Kab-u-to work hangover taxi and examines the contents of a hangover pack, including noodles orange juice, headache medicine, breath mints and sunglasses.
(Kabuto noodles)

A hangover taxi is weaving through the streets of London, helping hung-over professionals get to work the night after a few too many tequila shots. It’s called the Kab-u-to work, started by the Kabuto Noodle company, and it’s brilliant. 

It’s amazing no one thought of this before. A taxi that picks you up, stocked with a hangover pack of orange juice, sunglasses, some pills for that headache, a pot of hot noodles and some breath mints to take care of that whiskey breath before the morning meeting. 

Sounds too good to be true, but an instant noodle company is offering the hangover taxi service to its customers, free of charge. Wait, what? Oh yes, it’s free for people who use the service during the current trial period. 

“We often get told that a steaming pot of Kabuto Noodles has rescued a fuzzy head, so we’ve decided to go an extra step further and create the ultimate hangover cure,” writes Kabutonoodles on its website. “This season we’re going to be trialling a bespoke taxi service to get you from your house to your office the night after your Christmas party - including a ‘hangover cure’ pack.”


Savvy Londoners who think they may party a little too hard one night, can book the service for the next morning by emailing or by tweeting @kabutonoodles using the hashtag #Kabutowork. 

The cabs are available for a limited time before Christmas, but the company is looking into expanding in 2014. 

If only such a thing existed in L.A. We’re thinking a black Prius stocked with some form of organic green juice, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Altoids (sugar-free of course), Advil and, of course, ramen. 

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