It’s possible, 5 drive-thru breakfasts under 300 calories

Healthful fast food breakfast
Making time for a healthful breakfast each morning is difficult. Do fast-food chains have any options?
(Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Angelenos have a lot to deal with when we wake up on the weekdays. The hustle and bustle of the morning rhythm rarely makes breakfast a first priority.

More often than not, we have to settle for the drive-thru: scream into the menu microphone, hand over a dollar or two and receive a greasy mess we’re supposed to call “breakfast.”

This routine isn’t necessarily inevitable. We have gathered a list of menu items at popular fast-food drive-thru eateries that go easy on the calories. You can thank us later.

Let’s start with the classic McDonald’s. They know how to make breakfast on the go. The problem is, very few products on the morning menu are less than 300 calories. Your best bet is to go with the Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. At 260 calories, it’s easy on the thighs, plus there are fresh fruit and oats.

Next up is McDonald’s royal rival, Burger King. Its least caloric choice may surprise you. Burger King’s three-piece French Toast Sticks are just 230 calories, but you’ll have to skip the syrup. It’s hard to imagine that they are your best option for a low-calorie breakfast. No complaining here!

Jack In The Box has several breakfast choices under 300 calories. Our favorite is the Egg White and Turkey Sandwich. Jack In The Box is one of the few fast-food restaurants that offers turkey in place of ham, sausage or bacon. Get a lot of protein, without the guilt of fat. It’s 250 calories.

Get ready for a shock. Taco Bell has 10 breakfast menu items under 300 calories. We didn’t see that coming. Might we suggest the AM Grilled Taco? The egg and cheese variety has just 170 calories. Sausage and bacon varieties are available as well. The meat filled tacos have an additional 50 calories, which still keeps them under our 300-calorie mark.

When in doubt, keep away from Carl’s Jr. If you’re looking for a low-calorie breakfast. There’s only one option under 300 calories -- the Made-from-Scratch Biscuit. The baked bites are yummy, but offer little in the way of stomach satisfaction or nutritional value. And weighing in at 290 calories each, they barely come in under our limit.